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D&C 68:15  
 15 Wherefore they shall be ahigh priests who are worthy, and they shall be appointed by the bFirst Presidency of the Melchizedek Priesthood, except they be literal descendants of cAaron.

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  1  Hearken, and listen to the voice of the Lord, O ye who have assembled yourselves together, who are the ahigh priests of my church, to whom the kingdom and power have been given.

  2  Unto whom I have given the keys of the kingdom, which belong always unto the bPresidency of the High Priesthood:

  17  But as a high priest of the Melchizedek Priesthood has authority to officiate in all the lesser offices, he may officiate in the office of bishop when no literal descendant of Aaron can be found, provided he is called and set apart and ordained unto this power by the hands of the dPresidency of the Melchizedek Priesthood.

  7  And the sons of aAaron the priest shall put fire upon the altar, and lay the wood in order upon the fire:

  30  And again, the offices of teacher and deacon are necessary appendages belonging to the lesser priesthood, which priesthood was confirmed upon Aaron and his sons.

  59  Verily, if a man be called of my Father, as was Aaron, by mine own voice, and by the voice of him that sent me, and I have endowed him with the keys of the power of this priesthood, if he do anything in my name, and according to my law and by my word, he will not commit sin, and I will justify him.

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  1  Verily, verily, I say unto you my servant Frederick G. Williams: Listen to the voice of him who speaketh, to the word of the Lord your God, and hearken to the calling wherewith you are called, even to be a ahigh priest in my church, and a counselor unto my servant Joseph Smith, Jun.;

  8  Voted: that whenever any vacancy shall occur by the death, removal from office for transgression, or removal from the bounds of this church government, of any one of the above-named councilors, it shall be filled by the nomination of the apresident or presidents, and sanctioned by the voice of a general council of high priests, convened for that purpose, to act in the name of the church.

  22  Of the Melchizedek Priesthood, three bPresiding High Priests, chosen by the body, appointed and ordained to that office, and upheld by the confidence, faith, and prayer of the church, form a quorum of the Presidency of the Church.

  126  I give unto him for acounselors my servant Sidney Rigdon and my servant William Law, that these may constitute a quorum and First Presidency, to receive the oracles for the whole church.

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